Common Mistakes When Entering The Entrepreneurial World

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The act of stepping into a career of endless possibility and stimulated upward mobility calls for a test of your internal and external strength. It requires a professional and personal environment that allows you to succeed, yet challenges you to overcome self-induced and/or externally prompted obstacles. At Imminent, you’ll find yourself surrounded by motivated team members who share a vision for growth and success. The MIT (Manager in Training) Program is a step on the right path towards career development. Utilizing success through student mentality and work ethic, the program encompasses an immersion approach allowing employees to work on projects and solutions with real-world application. 

Throughout this program, certain experiences and encounters will unravel revelations as to why our company is successfully unique. Within the program, trainees will have multiple opportunities to learn from senior managers and coaches, as well as fellow participants. That being said, in order to obtain success at the end of the program and exhaust all resources presented to you, partakers must be aware of seemingly unconscious, yet avoidable growth-stunting mistakes. 

Some of the common mistakes that prospective participants may make are as follows:

1. Being overconfident
While confidence is very much so a key contributing factor towards achieving unfiltered success, we have to be cautious of succumbing to overconfidence bias. It prompts us to mislead ourselves when assessing our skills, intellect, and talent. Catering to this state of mind promotes an egotistical perspective of being better than those around us. It is a dangerous psychological attribute in the corporate world as it outshines what you can do for the company. Your overconfidence enhances your professional shortcomings as it overlaps your progressing capabilities. 

2. Having a preconceived and predetermined mindset
It is always advisable to be prepared by doing and thinking accordingly when we are taking certain steps of advancement in our lives. Approaching a new place of work with a predetermined/conceived mindset steers us to believe that our intelligence and abilities have been determined since birth. That being said, we tend to drift through life accepting that our innate skills, talents, and mental capabilities are monotonous and cannot be furthered. 

3. Wanting growth but not being open to change
While possessing a growth mindset is desirable, it is far from being one hundred percent innate. The universal reality is that people tend to have a marriage of a fixed and growth mindset. The kryptonite for both of these mindsets is failure. With a fixed and growth mindset in hand, encountering failure steers us away from moving forward and plunges us towards a lifeline coated with giving up. The primary reason for searching for a scapegoat is because we so badly want professional and personal growth, but we are not willing to accept the change in self and the environment that comes with it.

4. Not communicating or using as many resources as we can
Communication is a universally lucrative feature for a successful business relationship in the workplace. Ineffective communication or lack of it, can be frustrating. It is, in fact, a breeding ground for distrust, confusion, and immense stress for employees and management. Think of it as a domino effect; if employees do not have sufficient lines of communication with each other and with management, the ultimate outcome is that our loyalty and commitment to the company will suffer.

5. Restricting our avenues for networking
Networking is always a part of our lives, no matter if it’s in a personal context or a professional one. However, why do we tend to network within with people who are already on the same level as us? Is it because of the unconscious corporate America bias of stocking to your lane? To largely influence growth in our current professional status and create opportunities for our careers, we have to be daring and reach out to people who hold higher positions and have way more experience than us. By doing so, we are opening ourselves up for professional growth and gaining self-confidence and self-esteem, which will aid our guaranteed ascension in corporate America.

The MIT Program presents projects, questions, and solutions that challenge participants to face self-induced and externally prompted obstacles that will otherwise contribute to stunted professional and personal growth. Understanding that career success comes hand-in-hand with challenging circumstances, Imminent offers its prospective employees a professional and personal environment that is mutually beneficial. 

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