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Great Culture

I love it here! I’ve been here for a few months and I really love my position here at Imminent. The biggest thing for me is the people I’m working with, and I absolutely got in with a great team here at this company. The management team is really accessible and actually listens, the leadership/training team I felt like really cared when they were training me, and now that I work closely with a lot of them I would genuinely consider them my friends. Overall I just saw when I started, and still do now, that everyone here works hard to make a new addition to the team feel welcome. Aside from team culture, my other favorite part is the emphasis on personal and professional development. A lot of companies will tout things like this but rarely do I see them put their money where their mouth is. Yet a few weeks into starting I had already learned a lot about myself, gained more confidence, learned more about financials, and had a promotion! So no question did Imminent deliver on making sure I was experiencing personal and professional development. And obviously, all that had only continue as I hit my 3 month mark here recently. I’ve also seen others get promoted, too, - I’ve seen a management promotion and a handful of others move up as well, so I can see the growth happening around me. Anyway, I can just overall tell I’m getting what I was promised and that’s super important to me.